Monday, March 5, 2012

Shut Up, Rush and The Chocolate Personality Test



The Chocolate Personality Test

Today at after school, I plan do The Chocolate Personality Test with the kids.  This activity is really a lot of fun and it is a perfect activity to do with most any groups.  Adults really have fun with it, too.  People like personality tests and they like chocolate so, it is particularly difficult to not enjoy this AND it costs you no more than the price of the Hershey’s Chocolate Miniatures.  In case you are curious, I’m a Krackel.

What You Need:
A bag of Hershey’s Miniatures
List of Personality Types

What To Do:
Put chocolates in a bowl.  Ask participants to pick their favorite miniature chocolate bar.  They only get to pick one.  At this point, you’ll need to tell everyone not to eat their chocolate. Next, list the options and have participants raise their hands when you say their choice.  Read the options listed below.  (You can also have participants go to the four corners of the room based on their chocolate preference.  Give them a few minutes to talk and see what they have in common depending on amount of time you have for the activity.)

Special Dark
Patient, thoughtful, individualistic, problem solver.  Likes to see a project through from start to finish.  Good writers, works well with difficult people, insightful, reflective.  Little patience with incompetence or liars.  Sets high standards for self and others.  Dependable, resourceful and loyal.

Mr. Goodbar
You are analytical, logical.  You gather data first before giving an opinion, play the devil’s advocate at meetings, tend to see all the possibilities and drive people crazy by sharing all the “what ifs”.  Hate deadlines, put off starting things, procrastinator.  Likes to be the expert.  Can analyze things to death.  Likes there to be rules that everyone follows.  Likes structure and hates surprises.

Creative, optimistic, always sees the cup ½ full, messy (messy desk) but organized (knows exactly where everything is in that mess).  Likes to be a hands-on person; a little off-beat, ditzy, funny, friendly and outgoing, always willing to help.  Likes the surprising things in life, the “crackle”.  Like situations that follow flexibility, change and growth.

Milk Chocolate
You are an all-American, loves baseball, Mom and apple pie.  Cheerleader for your program, level headed, good PR person, great fundraiser, and also kind, thoughtful, always remembers everyone’s birthday, playful.  Nurturing, kind, help others to “shine” dependable and loyal.  Others often turn to you for help.

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  1. What if they claim "I don't like chocolate?"