Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Chewbacca and Scarlett O'Hara

The urge to pee during Christmas shopping was too great to ignore.  Getting to Target and seeing the Rest Room sign was, I have to imagine, a sensation similar to what the Three Wise Men must have felt when they saw that bright shining star in the sky so so long ago.  I rushed in along with two other women and we each quickly found our own stalls.   Aaaaaa relief and then I hear the very loud cry of Chewbacca …scary really.  Then I remember with wide-eyed horror that the new Star Wars app I just installed on my phone was notifying me that I had just received a text message. 

I decided to start today’s blog entry with that story from a shopping experience with my sister (hi Jill!!!) just before Christmas.  I was always taught you should grab the reader’s attention really quickly and I hope this pee story moment did just that.  I also was told that if I am going to talk about food and cocktails that I best put those recipes in the blog as well (hi Brenda!!!).  So I will correct that mistake with the recipes for Jambalaya and the Victor Newman Young and the Restless cocktail at the end of this entry.  Which starts in 3, 2, 1...I should mention it has been 71 days since I got laid off which is clearly not that long really.  During that time, too I actually have gone on two interviews and the second resulted in a job offer that I accepted.  The job is in Louisiana doing pretty much what I did before minus some of the stuff I really disliked about my former job.  Pretty exciting for sure!  My partner, Tiffany is a pharmacist and has a job there waiting and our house is on the market.  We are good to go…except I got an email last week that the museum lost some major funding.  I should find out more tomorrow and it appears that the job is still mine…but do I still want it?  Not quite sure.  My strategy is to approach this as Scarlett O’Hara would and think tomorrow is another day and I will figure it all out then…not the best strategy, but it does go nicely with the Civil War era hoop skirt I made from the curtains in the dining room.  The dogs (I have four) and I reenacted the Siege of Vicksburg earlier today in between loads of laundry.  So tomorrow’s blog will be about the new job…does it exist or doesn’t it?  And now as promised the recipes:
The Victor Newman Young and the Restless Cocktail

Instead of the usual list of ingredients I will just represent the cocktail with a photo.  The drink is best enjoyed with a box of Kleenex to cry for the many jilted lovers Newman has left in his wake.  You’ll quickly realize based on the photo that the drink is a Bloody Mary.  I can change an established cocktail name if I want because this is my blog and stuff.  In fact, let’s change the name again to a Bloody Newman…sounds dirty, violent and very soap opera-ish! 
Here is the link for the Jambalaya I found on the internettes.  I won't be making it until Friday, but I promise I will give a review and include photos.


  1. OMG I so needed that. Thank you. And as an English teacher and lover of good writing, I must tell you that your hook was brilliant. Nothing like the urge to pee and Chewbacca to keep your readers mesmerized. Well done.

  2. Haha thanks! I'm sure the other two women peeing must of thought I was having some bizarre gastrointestinal issues. BTW thanks for reading!

  3. you are hilarious.. i pray that you are lead in the right direction for the decision for your job.. i can only imagine ur face when your phone

  4. Hi Jan, this happened to me once upon a time - interviewed and got the job, only to be told funding fell through. Alas, one full budget year later, I received a call and was hired, at all places, this Science Museum in Oklahoma City. Best thing that ever happened to me - Job Wise - that is. Hang in there - blog is great, things happen for a reason!!!