Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Chupacabra Jambalaya

One thing that becomes very important for the unexpected housewife is grocery shopping.  In the past, this used to be a rushed and often annoying chore because you had to go on the weekends, you were tired, you had a rough week at work…whatever fill in the blank…it was a pain.  Now an entire day can revolve around one recipe and the planning of the grocery visit.  I take this on now like I took on senior management…think big, plan the logistics and then make it happen.  Today’s big adventure was a plan for Jambalaya.  After a very thorough (like hours) search I found the perfect recipe.  However, before heading out to the grocery it is important to take time to go through your collection of coupons…I NEVER clipped coupons before and now every Wednesday is devoted to looking, clipping and filing coupons!  Coupons searched and now it is off to the car.  Obviously, I used to go to the grocery store closest to my house…not so anymore!  I decide to go to Super Target which is about 20 minutes away in Trussville.  Now what is really exciting about Jambalaya is the time it will take to chop the onion, celery, green pepper, andouille sausage (which is fun to say BTW), chicken, etc.  I have always loved cooking, but often found it hard to find the time...my former job was pretty demanding.  This is a bonus of the housewife lifestyle…plenty of time to really put a meal together.  That is unless Victor on the Young in the Restless is up to some kind of villainous no good that requires my attention…then it is time for a cocktail and reflection in front of the TV.  So not only will the chopping take time, finding all the ingredients is also gloriously time consuming.  I could spend all day roaming the aisles just like the hour upon hour spent in those ridiculously annoying meetings I used to be forced to attend…only this nonsensical waste of time might very well involve free food samples on every aisle!  I got an additional bonus of two police cars with sirens passing me on the way home.  I hoped to see where they were going but, alas, no luck…although I did look for a good 47 minutes for them.  Once I got home I took some more time to clean the fridge and organize all the ingredients for my masterpiece.  Oh! I almost forgot to mention I spotted what I believe to be a Chupacabra in my living room.  I stilled my senses enough to reach for my phone and a flashlight and get a picture.  So all and all this was a very productive and good day! 

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