Monday, June 11, 2012

First Day of Rain Camp

I started teaching camp today.  I actually had the last two weeks off from teaching.  1998 was the last time I did not teach a summer camp during the first week of June.  It was fantastic to be kid free for a few weeks, but I do miss the little boogers.  I’m not sure why, but little kids always want to hold my hand.  I’ve even had to break up fights over this issue.  The thing about it is, of course, it is sweet, but I really can’t stand their little grubby, sweaty hands touching my hands.  I probably wash my hands 87 times a day when I’m around kids.  I don’t want to see a kid picking their ass crack and then fighting over holding my hand.  It’s just gross.  Additionally, today was raining.  Not a big deal because we did some stuff inside and were able to go outside later.  The problem with the rain was when the sun came out the humidity smacked you in the face.  I think it was probably 396% humidity.  Sweet Baby Jesus…it was hot!  My hair looks like a $2.00 straw wig found at a rundown thrift store. When I got home, I let the dogs out because it was still sunny.  As I was drinking my strawberry banana smoothie and trying to relax, the weather suddenly changed and another rain storm started.  This caused frantic scratching at the door as the dog’s survival instincts kicked in and panic ensued.  You would have thought hundreds of people were firing bullets in the air and it was actually raining bullets.  I just let them all back in and the drama over the rain continues.  I’m getting the stink eye from all the dogs in between frantic rolling sessions all over the furniture.  I’m fairly certain the rest of my day will include another hand-washing, booze and a nap.


  1. Oh ick. Just reading about those grubby hands makes me want to shower. Why is it always the kids with impetigo who want to hold hands the most?

    1. haha...because kids are just evil would be my guess. BTW - thanks for the tip about the geraniums and basil near your doors to keep bugs away! I've already put that tip to good use.