Monday, June 4, 2012

Pool Party!!

I apologize for my lack of a post yesterday.  I was busy with our inflatable pool party!  The party went on for about eight hours, included lunch and dinner, a torrential downpour, jell-O shots, a vodka-infused watermelon, a piñata, hippy juice and a slip and slide.  It was a complete good time.  Tiffany and I are very lucky.  We have some really amazing friends.  It is so nice to have a group that makes you feel completely comfortable.  Being happy has a lot to do with the people in your life.  If you surround yourself with good people, good things happen.  I love our friends.  I can see another summer filled with good times.

Last week, I repainted the kitchen.  The color we choose was a dark slate gray.  It really looks good.  We wanted to clean the grout on the floor, too.  We ended up using Oxi Clean and it really worked!  I mixed it with hot water, scrubbed it in with a brush, let it sit for 30 minutes and then mopped the floors. I ended up cleaning the floors in the bathroom, too.  The grout looks almost new!  I was very impressed and pretty much won’t be without it to deep clean the floors. 

A somewhat aerial view.

Colt being Colt.

We had a  piñata  and nobody got struck in the face with the stick!
The  piñata  contained candy and clip on braids.  It was all very exciting.

Good times!


  1. What on earth did you do to hippies that you could make a juice out of them?!

    Glad you had fun. I'll have to try Oxiclean on the grout in my bathroom. It's driving me nuts!

    1. haha! It is all about how you marinade the hippies. Totally try the Oxi Clean. You'll be very surprised with the results!

    2. Oxi Clean and a good scrubbing? Must remember. Thanks!