Saturday, June 2, 2012

Inflatable Pool Drama and Walking Tacos

Tomorrow we are having a “pool” party and by “pool" I mean a 90”x90”x22” inflatable pool.  We decided it was necessary for us to have two pools.  At some point, it would just be weird to have too many people crammed together in just one inflatable pool.  Go big or go home. We figured purchasing another one would be no big deal…until we realized Sam’s Club was out of the pools.  We called around and discovered that one store across town had a few pools left.  We rushed there like Smokey and the Bandit, only to discover they, too, were sold out of the pools.  They did, however, have one of the pools on display.  The display was hanging from the ceiling.  We went in bargaining mode and got them to agree to sell us the display pool.  The funny thing was they took it down from the ceiling and then just handed it to us still inflated.  One guy did ask if we needed help out, because clearly this fully inflated pool would fit in any average car.  He was just worried we would accidently puncture it walking through the floor and then the busy parking lot.  I just looked at him and said, “Actually, I was thinking I might let the air out before leaving the store.”  He looked at me and said, “Oh!  That’s a really good idea.”  Bless his heart.  Anyway, I got to get the yard all set up for tomorrow!  Not only will we have two pools, but I’m also putting up a slip and slide!!  We are going full-on redneck and I seriously hope I don’t knock my teeth out.

If you haven’t ever tried a Walking Taco (please refrain from your lesbian jokes at this point), you really need to try it.  It is an easy and delicious party dish.

Walking Taco

1 pound lean ground beef, crumbled, browned and fat drained
1 package taco seasoning
3 tbs water
1 can Bush’s Black Beans, drained
6 individual bags of Doritos or Fritos chips
Shredded lettuce
Shredded cheese
Diced tomatoes
Diced Avocados
Sour Cream

With your browned grown beef still in the skillet, add the Bush’s black beans, 3 Tbs of water and your taco seasoning. Heat through.

Gently take each individual bag of chips and crush the chips. Once the chips are crushed, cut open the top of the bag.

Scoop your taco meat/bean mixture into the bag. Top with your favorite toppings…tomatoes, cheese, lettuce, avocados, sour cream…whatever your heart desires.

Take a spoon and stir your chips / taco meat creation together
Head out the door with your walking taco bag in your hand and a spoon and enjoy a hearty dinner on the run!


  1. What I wouldn't give for one pool, let alone two!

    We used to have 'Walking Tacos' when I was in Girl Scouts, only we called them Taco in a Bag (probably to avoid the lesbian jokes). Such a convenient way to eat them, and they're great to make on camping trips, too! NOM!

    1. I really advise you to get an inflatable pool. It is wonderful to float in the pool after a morning of cleaning. BTW - I love your site!! Lots of great tips!

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