Thursday, September 13, 2012

Moonshine Morning

I spent the morning making an old-fashioned moonshine still…only I’m not going to make moonshine (or maybe I am).  I actually made a still to purify hydrogen gas.  It is important to have a nice clean highly flammable gas when attempting a little science at your home close to the propane tank as you grill steaks. I’m guessing I might have been one of few people doing that this morning.  At any rate, I’m taking my “still” to after school today and blowing up a balloon with hydrogen.  Then I’ll light it on fire and blow it up.  I think the kids will appreciate that and, as an extra bonus, I’m thinking it will scare them enough to behave for at least a few hours.  If that doesn’t work, I’ll just eat a bunch of onions, get in their faces and reenact scenes from A&E’s Beyond Scared Straight or scenes, acting as the drill sergeant, from Full Metal Jacket.  I might just do that anyway for my own amusement.  Life is too short to not jump at opportunities to terrify children.

At any rate as I was researching a design for my hydrogen still, I discovered that you can buy a moonshine still on eBay.  I guess I didn’t realize, since prohibition was repealed and all, that one might wish to acquire a moonshine still.  I also discovered this picture.  I was really impressed with this seller’s subtle marketing strategy.

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