Saturday, August 20, 2011

Beyond Scared Straight is Back!!

I just watched the new Beyond Scared Straight.  Oh my…it is back and louder and scarier than ever.  I like the show mostly for the quotes you can get from it.  Things like:  “Let’s go to the Garden of Eden because they know they apples,”  “Swing if you want to!”  and “When I’m done with your bitch ass, I’m gonna auction you off.  I like chocolate and DADDY’S GOT A SWEET TOOTH TONIGHT!”  We learned duck walking down the hall in the cell block is hard, rolling your eyes is bad, don’t be eyeballing people and you only have one mama. We also get to meet interesting guards and prisoners.  Like the prisoner “Tweet from the Street” and Sergeant Garrett.  Sergeant Garrett reminded me of a thinner Nell Carter and Minnie from the movie The Help .

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