Monday, August 15, 2011

Bovine Yvonne The Runaway Cow

This morning I was scrolling through the news on msn and discovered a story about a missing cow in Germany.  Her name is Bovine Yvonne.  She broke through an electrical fence on May 24 and has been on the lamb (har har) ever since.  She has grown in popularity and clearly has now made international news.  She also has her own Facebook page.  There is a reward for her safe return.  There are pictures (Bigfoot like) of her peeking through the trees in the forest.  With every sighting, she disappears again just as quickly.   There is even a romance element to this story.  Farmers are trying to use a “handsome” bull named Ernst to lure her from her hiding place.  Apparently, Ernst is put on display at the edge of the forest.  No doubt being watched by the elusive Bovine Yvonne.  I did a little research and discovered that Bovine Yvonne has really been getting around since her risky escape in May.

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