Monday, August 22, 2011

The Drama That is Harpo

In my house if anything is ripped, missing or chewed, we always look to one dog, Harpo.  As I’ve mentioned, he is a mess.  He is high energy, needy, does not listen, causes trouble and always leaves drama in his wake.  He is sweet though, and of course we love him and all his crazy faults.  Last night, however, I nearly murdered him.  He went outside to play and pee in the backyard before bed.  Tiffany had already left for work and my plan was to read and fall asleep.  Harpo came back inside and all the other dogs got settled in their places.  If you have dogs, you know what I mean…everyone has their place where they sleep.  Harpo decided, instead, to lay his head on the side of the bed by my face, whine and use his beefy paw to push on my book.  He acted like he couldn’t jump up on the bed.  This is crazy, since he has been known to jump over your head while you are sitting on the couch.  I patted the bed and told him to get up, but still, he whined.  I finally picked him up and put him on the bed.  He kept sighing heavily and trying to lean up against my face.  I finally put my book down and looked at him.  He kept looking at his tail.  I checked it and it seemed fine…although he wasn’t wagging it.  The drama continued all night with me and him getting absolutely no sleep.  We tossed, we turned, he pushed and he whined.  He was everywhere, but sleeping like he should have been. Turns out, he sprained his tail somehow in the backyard.  The way he acted last night was as if his tail had been completely cut off and blood was gushing everywhere.  He is all about the drama.  I feel bad that his tail is bothering him, but the fact that he is now sleeping with ease on the couch makes me want to whine loudly and push on his face.

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