Thursday, August 11, 2011

I Want An Island

Sometimes you just want to be isolated with your immediate family.  Not like Reverend Moon isolated, but just a place where it is only you, your favorite person and your animals.  Speaking of Reverend Moon, I was convinced that I was going to get snatched by the Moonies at any moment in the 1970s. I'd be at the arcade one minute and thrown in the back of a van the next.  My parents would have paid handsomely to hire a kidnapper to rescue me and deprogram my brainwashed brain.  Naturally, an After-School Special would be made detailing this tragic yet eventually heroic time in my life.  It would have won awards.  I would have changed lives. I would have been played by Kristy McNichol.  Anyway…back to being isolated.

There seems to be no better time than the present to purchase an island.  About a year ago, I noticed you could actually find them for sale on the internet.  Now granted, my preference would be something like Fantasy Island, but I’ll settle for a regular old island.  Tiffany and I would obviously have to tackle the lack of electricity.  An island breeze is nice, but we aren’t living anywhere without air conditioning, direct tv and internet access.  Of course, we’d also need a grocery store, too.  Might as well if we are going to have a grocery store anyway, let’s just say we’d need a Super Target.  A sports bar would also be a plus…in fact, several restaurant choices would be good - all, with well-stocked bars.  We’d also need sea-doos, a boat, island cars and a plane and perhaps an airport.  These items would require a gas station as well…perhaps more than three.  We like our movies, too.  A nice theater with the stadium seating and really fresh popcorn would be a must.  It might also be nice if two professional and two college football teams came with us, too.  Maybe more…seems like it might get old if it is always the same two teams playing each other.  We’d also need a mall.  That is especially important around the holidays.  It might also be nice if all our friends just came with us, too…which means we’d need a pool and a pool cleaning team of professionals.  I like ice cream.  We’d need that, too. 

Although our isolation would be rough, I think somehow we’d find a way to thrive.

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