Saturday, August 27, 2011

Relaxing at the Lake

There is something so relaxing about a trip to the lake, as long as you can completely ignore all the other vacationers and their children.  We are relaxing in Branson this weekend.  We are staying in an A-frame cabin like the Fisher Price Play Family. 

Apparently just before we got here there was a horrible stench under the cabin…turns out, it was a dead, rotting possum.  These things happen in the wilderness with the lights of Silver Dollar City and the sweet sounds of the Presley’s Mountain Country Mountain Music Jubilee streaming in the background. 

I’m not going to lie, I’m excited about going to the lake today and waverunnering (is that the right verb?).  Tomorrow we will zipline.  I’m certain my fat ass will completely break the line and knock down every single one of the ziplining towers, but still I’m excited.  Additionally, I’m over the moon with the potential for ridiculous pictures of signs and other doo-dads the “natives” have constructed!  What is the point of a vacation, if you can’t find things and people to make fun of??  I’ve also mentioned before my fascination with finding Bigfoot.  That search will continue around Table Rock Lake.  This seems a perfect hideout of Sasquatch.  We even had a Bigfoot movie watching party last night.  Is there anything better than completely cheesy seventies Bigfoot movies and good company.  Probably not.  I’ll conclude today with some photos from the drive here.  I’m certain there will be more to come!

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