Sunday, February 12, 2012

Dog Alarm Clock and Alien Brain Hemorrhage

It is virtually impossible to sleep in with four dogs.  We always have one that gets up early.  No matter which one it is, that one feels compelled to get all the others up, too.  Once all four dogs are up, they then combine forces to make sure we are awake, too.  This can be done indirectly with creepy staring or directly with surprise face licking.  Waking us up would all make sense if they had to potty, but they don’t because they woke us up at 5:00am for that adventure.  Once every one is awake to partially awake, it is time for wrestling.  The dogs feel it is very important to step on us as much as possible when engaging in early morning wrestling.  They especially enjoy jumping from high distances and landing dead center on one of our boobs.  Our screams only intensify the wrestling experience.  Once we are completely awake and having coffee, it is time for the dogs to immediately go back to sleep.  Such bastards.

We had a birthday party for a friend last night.  These were the shots we made (thank you, Colt and David).  It is called an Alien Brain Hemorrhage.  The sensation of drinking one is a little like eating an oyster.  Give them a try.

Alien Brain Hemorrhage

Fill shot glass half-way with Peach Schnapps
Gently pour about a tsp of Bailey’s Irish Cream on top
Then carefully add a little bit of blue curacao
Let it settle and then add a few drops of grenadine syrup.

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