Monday, November 19, 2012

Christmas Trees and my Mom

Today we got our Christmas tree.  I realize it is a tad early, but my partner will be working Thanksgiving.  We usually put the tree up then and have our annual “putting up the xmas tree argument.”  This argument always involves getting the tree straight in the tree stand.  The air is filled with the aroma of pine needles (of which I’m allergic) and in the background the sweet sounds of Christmas music attempt to drown out our bickering.  The tree always gets put up straight…or at least as straight as two lesbians can get.  Each time we go through this, I marvel at the fact that my mother puts up about 18 Christmas trees throughout her house.  She even has one that she puts outside on the patio.  It sits by her big sliding glass door so you can see it from the inside.  One year she even put presents at the base of the sliding glass door with the tree in the background.  It was pretty authentic, except for the tree actually being outside. There are trees in the bathrooms, trees in the hallway, trees in the bedrooms, trees in the kitchen, trees in the living room…pretty much trees everywhere.  I’ve seen the actual putting up of the trees at my parent’s house.  The same bickering that occurs at my house happens with them, too.  Only this bickering is multiplied by 18. 

Here’s a picture of our tree, post arguing.  I’d say it doesn’t look too shabby for a tree that we paid less than $20 for at the Wal Marts.

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