Saturday, November 24, 2012

Goodbye J.R. and a FREE sandwich

I grew up watching re-runs of I Dream of Jeannie (on channel 34 long before cable television) and first run episodes of Dallas.  I even have an entry specifically about J.R. Ewing (click here to read).  Larry Hagman was a big part of my childhood.  I was so happy when TNT started a new season of Dallas and over-the-moon when it was REALLY REALLY GOOD!  The cocktails, womanizing, drama, dirty-deeds and cliffhangers were back and J.R. was leading the charge.  He made that character come to life.  There will never be another villain played as marvelously as J.R. Ewing.  You will be missed, Larry Hagman…may you and your eyebrows rest in peace in that giant cliffhanger in the sky.

I made myself an entirely free breakfast sandwich this morning.  I did this by being a Winn Dixie rewards card holder and cutting coupons.  Winn Dixie has a weekly Make-a-Meal deal.  You usually buy a few things and then get several items for free.  A few weeks ago, I bought three boxes of cereal and got Smok-Y Breakfast Sausages, Bagels, milk and orange juice for free.  I used the orange juice to make screwdrivers while we had our window installed, but this morning I called upon the bagels and sausages for the sandwich.  I also had used a coupon to get $1.00 off butter when the butter was on sale at the grocery for $1.00.  The cheese was a buy one get one free deal also purchased with a coupon as were the eggs.  I should also mention at the time of the purchase I used a coupon from a fundraising city book we bought and got $5 off a purchase of $30.  I used that for the cost of the cereal, cheese, eggs and coffee.  FREE tastes really good…especially when morning the loss of an icon like Larry Hagman.

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