Thursday, February 10, 2011

Who Strangled J.R. With a Slinky?

Two things happened today that would stop any child of the seventies dead in their platform shoe tracks:  1. I found out that J.R., Sue Ellen and Bobby Ewing were reuniting for a new Dallas series; and 2.  I found a slinky while organizing the quilts in our cedar trunks.
Oh sure growing up we saw Ronald Reagan get shot and the Challenger disaster unfold right before our eyes on television, but we also suffered the anguish of having to wait a full eight months to know the answer to the question that galvanized a nation:  who in God’s name shot J.R.?  Kids today have no idea what we had to endure.  The sleepless nights spent chewing on Stretch Armstrong’s over-stretched arm just to calm your nerves.  The feeling of fear even going to your dad’s office after dark.  The knowledge that a killer with a 22 caliber weapon could be lurking in the T.G. & Y. or, God forbid after all those months of saving, the Green Stamps redemption office.  It was pure hell…I still don’t know how we got through it. And now a new Dallas series!  Oh sure it will suck, but I will be there and support those crazy, drinking, womanizing, nervous breakdown having, money-making Ewings!
I had big organizing plans today for our quilts.  My partner hoards them so it is quite an undertaking.  However, I got completely side-tracked when I discovered a slinky in one of the cedar trunks.  Why did we save this?  Because it is a slinky…duh.  We didn’t need much in the 70’s.  We were easily entertained.  So I thought I would post an original commercial as well as a video of my experience today.  Look familiar?



  1. Uhm, so you mentioned Dallas and I thought it important to let you know England was ahead of the USA on promoting this. We have been hearing about the new Dallas for like 3 weeks. It's nuts. It's on BBC news ALL the freakin' time. LOL.

    Btw, I have NO clue what Dalla is/was ;)

  2. What?! How can England be ahead of us on Dallas...I mean it is called DALLAS. It was only like one of the best high drama shows of the 70s. Try to find the full episodes online!