Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Stupid Multiple Sclerosis

The best use of my time this morning was to go with my partner to her neurologist visit.  She has multiple sclerosis.  It is just one of those things we live with and honestly it really sucks that she has it, but we are really lucky that it has been relatively mild as far as MS goes.  She has a slight limp, loss of feeling in a few fingers and she can get easily tired from time to time.  I feel like my role in this beyond being supportive is to be the one who administers her weekly injection of Avonex .  I can at least feel like I am punching the disease in the face, so to speak.  On shot night, I also try to make her the best dinner that I can as any good housewife should. 
We went to the neurologist today because she is having a slight exacerbation and her leg is bothering her.  She was prescribed a three-day steroid infusion.  It takes about an hour to administer and she has to wear a port in her arm.  Every time this happens, I’m always inspired by her fantastic attitude.  She just happily goes with the flow…that is until day three of the infusion.  This is when the roid rage takes hold.  I’ve learned to make myself as small and quiet as possible.  Any sudden or slight movements can unleash the beast. It is at these times, that I am glad the rage is not brought on as a result of excessive steroid induced body building.  If it was I am certain she would throw me across the room while screaming in a voice much too deep for her dainty feminine vocal chords.  This rage only lasts one day and is totally worth the stabilizing effects of the steroids.  I think the best use of my time for the rest of the day is to get my recipes in order and plan out some fantastic meals for her.  Sometimes taking care of your partner is even more of an important job…and I plan to get employee of the year on this one.


  1. Awwww, I love this post. :) Love her inspiring attitude!

  2. Thanks Jen! And congrats on reaching your Jen Jogs for Cats and Dogs goal!!!!