Sunday, February 27, 2011

The Oscars and Big Foot

TONIGHT IS THE OSCARS!  Not sure why this always gets me so excited.  But my excitement level should be indicative of receiving an invitation to host at one point.  My plan tonight is to order a pizza.  I will order the pizza in an overly excited manner like Cuba Gooding, Jr.  Then before the delivery driver gets to my house I will do push-ups like Jack Palance while wearing Bjork’s swan dress.  Then when the delivery person gets to my house I will open the door and kiss this person like Adrien Brody did to Halley Berry.  Then I will Sally Field style scream, “You like me.  YOU REALLY LIKE ME!”  But in the end though, because of the negative depiction of Native Americans on television, I will gallantly refuse the pizza like Sacheen Littlefeather did for Marlon Brando. 
We just got back from a weekend with friends.  It was quite a good time.  We stayed in a cabin in Helen, Georgia.  It is in the mountains, surrounded by Alpine Village.  Alpine Village is basically a mini Bavaria with the typical southern tourist flair…which always means go-carts, putt putt, old time photo shops, funnel cakes, cheesy t-shirt shops and pancakes – always pancakes.  In town, however, there are also some pretty amazing places with good beer, traditional German food and nice shopping opportunities.  And, of course, you can’t beat the view.
There is something, for me, about vacationing in the mountains that always inspires me to look for Big Foot, must be that movie that scared the crap out of me as a kid.  On this trip, I believe I did get some photographic evidence that will once and for all solve the mystery of Sasquatch.  Additionally, I took my usual funny sign pictures.  I mean honestly why take pictures of beautiful mountains when you can get snap shots of jacked-up signs and other oddities.

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