Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Past Presidential Elections and Sesame Street - "True" History Tuesday

BREAKING NEWS:  “True” History Tuesday scholarly researchers just discovered that this year’s presidential election is not the first time Sesame Street came under fire.  This year PBS (network home of Sesame Street) came under attack with Mitt Romney’s aggressive statement regarding the life of Big Bird.  Apparently, Grover from Sesame Street was also a hot potato in the presidential election of 1892.  During this election, President Benjamin Harrison discovered that his advisory, Grover Cleveland, had an illegitimate son.  Shockingly, the illegitimate son was the result of union between Cleveland and a Muppet.  Harrison refused to use the information against Cleveland and ultimately Cleveland won.  This left Grover Cleveland with the distinction of being the 22 and 24 President of the United States.  

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