Saturday, January 26, 2013


Recently, I started a few craft projects.  I need to repair some water damage under the back door.  I also had a fairly plain chalkboard in the kitchen and, for some strange reason; I had lots of beer caps just sitting around doing nothing.  Here’s the craftgasm I came up with to solve both problems.

I removed all the rotten wood from the water damaged area.

I replaced the bad patches with new wood.

I looked around the house and found some tiles and old coffee mugs and smashed them into pieces.

I then tiled with area to make a mosaic tile design.

After it dries, I will grout and be finished.  It is a little different, but will certainly keep the water  out and seal the patch under the door.  

Not so exciting chalkboard...

I had lots of beer caps and a hot glue gun.



  1. Oh, I love both of these! They're so colorful and no one else will have one *just like yours*. Well done!