Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Jane Russell's Boobs - "True" History Tuesday

Secret missions and secret weapons have been a part of every war.  A little known fact about the Korean War was that the United States had a secret tactical weapon.  That weapon was voluptuous sex symbol actress Jane Russell.  Russell, star of The Outlaw, Gentleman Prefer Blondes, The Paleface and many other movies, was in fact a U.S. Air Force Douglas B-26C Invader light bomber.  She was assigned to the 3rd Bomb Wing of the 5th Air Force.  In battle, Jane Russell with sprout massive wings and high explosives missiles would launch from her boobs.  When in this form, Russell would fly day and night combat missions.  Her targets were normally Communist military targets like communication centers, battle supply line vehicles, bridges, etc.  For obvious reasons, Russell is not normally credited with her military success because she wouldn’t really be a very good secret weapon if people knew her true role.


  1. Ah, so this must be where Austin Powers got the notion of the Fembots shooting bullets out of their boobs.