Thursday, October 25, 2012

Highway Chase for Photo Glory

Sometimes you just feel like you’ve hit the jackpot without having to sit in a smoky casino putting quarters in a slot machine for 8 hours.  I had a "hitting the jackpot" moment yesterday as I drove down the highway.  I passed the most glorious truck with a truly unbelievable company name.  After the initial shock of seeing such a gem passed, I changed lanes to slow down and photo capture the glory.  The truck was moving really slow and I was physically unable to make myself drive under 60 miles per hours on the highway.  So I took an exit as slow as possible to let the truck pass…this was my first photo attempt.

Next, I got back on the highway and moved quickly to the passing lane.  The chase was on and I felt like Bandit in Smokey and the Bandit…only without the cowboy hat, mustache and odd laugh.  I finally caught up to my prize and got this photo.

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