Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Saying Stupid Stuff

I know I’m not the only one that has said some really stupid stuff…stuff that is so stupid you are still made fun of for it more than 10 years after it was first uttered.  Mine happened when Tiffany and I were unpacking our stuff after buying our first house together.  The house had a sunroom with large bookshelves off the master bedroom.  I was unpacking books and some glass trinkets.  I can’t even tell you what those trinkets were anymore…probably just stuff that would now be classified under the “why’d we ever buy that stupid shit” category.  At any rate, I had put some of the “why’d we ever buy that stupid shit” trinkets on top of one of the boxes so I could put books in first and then trinkets.  Tiffany was busily unpacking at close proximity to the box with the trinkets on top.  I looked at her and said, “Be careful of those glass breakables.”  Naturally, she stopped what she was doing and said, “Glass breakables?  Really?”  Tiffany actually invented the use of the word “really” to denote something stupid.  I believe she also invented the dramatic eye roll.  We still laugh about the redundant glass breakables phrase and anytime the word glass or the word breakable is used, Tiffany will jump at the chance to remind me to be careful of glass breakables.

Sometimes it is just a good idea to relive past blog entries.  Many of you may not realize that Joan of Arc has a passion for smoking meats.  CLICK HERE to read this entry from July, 2011 to learn more!

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