Thursday, October 4, 2012

Our Will

This morning we had our wills notarized.  It became almost like an episode of The Amazing Race to find someone to do it for us.  The bank turned us away and the library wanted to charge us $30.  By the looks we received at those places, it seems they were not terribly comfortable with us coming in their establishments with all our lesbian legal needs.  Ultimately it didn’t really matter because one of our friends came with us as a witness and turns out she has a friend who is a notary…take that bank and library.  Pay back to both places also came in the form of my legs.  It is that time of the year when you still wear shorts, but mostly pants because of the temperature change which means one becomes slightly negligent in their leg shaving routine.  Not only was I prancing around as a lesbian, but I also had stubbly legs.  Maybe I will add a codicil to my will and donate one hairy leg to the bank and one hairy leg to the library.  

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