Monday, October 15, 2012

Need Your Help. Holla!

Yesterday, I entered my new business in Intuit’s Love a Local Business giveaway.  The business I started is called Dynamic Education Adventures.  I specialize in bringing engaging and fun educational programs to schools, churches, community centers, etc.  I also develop the curriculum and teach summer camps and already have my entire summer booked!  I also have a few teacher workshops I’ll be doing and I adopted an inner-city school here and will be making a garden at their school because they currently have no green space whatsoever.  It is nice to have a good reputation in the community and to be able to serve my community by providing unique educational experiences that are reasonably-priced.  I think the more exposure kids have to this kind of stuff the better for them.  I remember guest speakers coming to my school, I remember seeing programs at the library and I remember each field trip I went on in school.  These are valuable opportunities for learning and moments in time that can actually make a difference.  Some of you know me and some of you just know me from my blog.  The giveaway would help my business immensely and allow me to better serve the kids in my community.  Perhaps this video that was shot just after one of my programs will help you see what kids are saying about my programs.

If you don’t mind, take a second, click on the link below, write just a short bit of praise and submit.  You can only vote once and all the votes are combined like a raffle to pick a winner.  I’d truly appreciate it and love you more than my luggage!  THANKS!!!

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