Thursday, April 7, 2011

As Good As It Got

It is amazing how much an alarm clock can scare you if you haven’t used one in nearly six months.  I had a dentist appointment yesterday at 9:00am.  So I had to get up early to walk the dogs and get ready.  I’m not going to the dentist without my lipstick, pearls and Aqua Net precise hair. When the alarm went off, I jumped up ready to ward off an attack.  Naturally, the dogs went flying before engaging in a complete barking frenzy.  I appreciate how much they had my back during this emergency.  As I ran around the bedroom looking for my clothes and a weapon, I noticed Tiffany sitting up in bed staring at me.  The best way I can describe the look is to imagine the looks that Carol Connelly (Helen Hunt) gave Melvin Udall (Jack Nicholson) when he said something really insulting or crazy in As Good As It Gets.  Well that kind of look will stop you in your tracks.  That of course, gave me time to think and remember that I had actually caused this alarm and it was to wake me up.  By this time, Tiffany had lay back down to resume sleeping.  We’ve been together nearly sixteen years, so when things such as this happen, no words need to be exchanged…we just know.

I set the alarm again this morning.  We have another estimate for new windows that we can’t afford.  The alarm was an exact repeat of yesterday’s performance…only Tiffany didn’t even wake up to look at me.  I figured it out on my own!  That is progress.  Pavlov was right!

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