Tuesday, April 12, 2011

“True” History Tuesday – Air Brushed T-Shirts

Air brushed t-shirts were created by Moses in 1270 BCE.  Moses had been wandering around the desert for nearly 40 years and he was hot in his inner tunic and outer tunic coat.  He was also really proud of the burning bush incident, surviving the Ten Plagues, leading the Exodus and receiving the Ten Commandments.  He decided to kill two birds with one stone and memorialize his deeds and create a more comfortable clothing option for the arid region.  He figured it would be all the rage in the Promised Land. 

Thankfully, for his trek through the desert he had packed a drinking straw and paint.  Blowing in the straw while holding the paint produced an amazing result and thus the airbrush was born. Sadly, Moses died in 1271 BCE within sight of the Promised Land.  While initially his t-shirts were quite popular, they soon lost their appeal.  The lost art of Moses’ airbrush design was discovered again in the late 19th century.  Airbrush t-shirts have now become a staple at tourist traps throughout the United States.  In some places, the vacationers can even find the Ten Commandments proudly airbrushed on a gleaming white Hanes t-shirt.  No doubt, Moses would be proud of the marriage of two of his achievements available for purchase at most vacation destinations where funnel cakes are also sold.

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