Saturday, April 9, 2011

A New Job and A Duh Moment

I got a job.  I’ll be working as a part-time teacher for Fresh Air Family.  I’m excited about the opportunity.  One of the things I missed most about my old job was working with kids. Now I’ll be back to doing that again.  I start in two weeks.  I absolutely plan to continue this blog about unemployment even though I technically do have a job now.  Teaching and writing are my passions and I feel lucky that I’ll be able to do both.  So I’ll keep writing and I hope you’ll keep reading.

I had a really stupid moment yesterday.  For quite some time, the pictures I took with my phone have been really cloudy looking.  I kept adjusting the brightness, the saturation, the contrast and the sharpness trying to remedy the situation.  I take lots of pictures with my phone.  As I’ve mentioned before, I have a gift for getting good pictures of weird crap or jacked up signs, etc.  Having my phone not operating in tip top form for these random photo opportunities happen was like having a unicycle with a flat tire.  Like being a painter with no brush.  Like being a grocery store with no food.  Like being a cowboy with no saddle. Like being…well you get the idea.  I was becoming melancholy.  The photo hunt was losing its luster for me.  If the photos were cloudy and grainy what was the damn point?  If you can’t put your best foot forward then why walk at all.  I was nearing a breaking point.  Then suddenly it hit me…THE LENSE.  I had never cleaned my camera’s LENSE.  Well I cleaned it and the pictures are suddenly back to being crystal clear.  Oh happy day.  Naturally, I felt like a complete idiot, but the relief of being picture ready at all times completely outweighs the idiot quotient.
Pre-Lense Cleaning Discovery
This delightful hoarding scene was a house in my neighborhood.  The cloudy picture just doesn't do it justice.

Post-Lense Cleaning Discovery
See how much better this is!  Now clearly this picture was taken several days later and the property has been picked nearly clean by other hoarders, but I think the before and after is staggering.

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  1. Honestly staggering!

    And truly, you could write a book on making once-cloudy pictures clear again. Never underestimate the stupidity of the general public.

    Also congrats on the job!