Monday, April 4, 2011

Careless Memories of Duran Duran

We might be the most excited two people on Planet Earth.  We are seeing Duran Duran live tonight!  The only way we might be more excited is if we were seeing those Wild Boys in Rio.  I was absolutely Notorious in middle school for my dancing Reflex every time I heard their music.  You’d think I joined a New Religion.  Everyone hoped I’d Say a Prayer for them so they could one day dance like me.  I just had My Own Way of breaking it down…almost like Mikhail Baryshnikov meets Janet Jackson meets the cast of Breakin'

One time, in eighth grade, there was a New Moon on Monday so I went out on a Night Boat with some new friends.  I was Hungry Like the Wolf so I brought a sandwich tray with me.  As we ate the sandwiches, we noticed the weather had changed and we were just hoping that we could Hold Back the Rain. Later that night someone put in a cassette tape of Duran Duran and I started popping and locking on the boat…I moved like it was a Union of the Snake.  One of my new friends ran up and said, “Hey what are you doing?”  Another new friend looked shocked and said, “Is There Something I Should Know about your amazing dancing style?” 

Well sadly, I had eaten too many sandwiches and when you eat too many sandwiches and pop and lock with vigor your pants can Come Undone.  The button flew off my pants and hit one of my new friend’s in the eye.  Turned out, it was the friend who owned the boat.  The new no longer friend looked at me with their one good eye…a single View to a Kill.  At that point our friendship had hit a Crack in the Pavement. Needless to say, I never hung out with those friends again.  Apparently, I was just too much for their Ordinary World.  These are the types of Careless Memories that make me love Duran Duran so much. 

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