Saturday, April 16, 2011

The Villages and Lady Gaga

These last few days we’ve been visiting my partner’s parents in Florida.  They live in the giant retirement community called The Villages or as I like to call it The Republican Village.  It is like a Stepford Wives golfing playground for retirees.  They love it here and I love that they love it here.  We went golfing yesterday with Tiffany’s mom and saw an alligator.  I figure nine times out of ten when you see an alligator in The Villages it has been trained to eat liberals…so I kept my distance, but I did get a few pictures for you.

Today Tiffany and I are driving to Tampa.  We are touring the Yuengling Brewery and then going to see Lady Gaga.  I’m so excited I actually just peed a little while typing that.  I decided in honor of Lady Gaga, I’d show you a video I made about a year ago.  So for those of you who watched my recent dog soap operas and thought, “wow she has way too much time on her hands,” I made this video when I was gainfully employed and really busy.  It goes deeper than a too much time on my hands issue.  It is my art and I can’t help myself.

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