Monday, April 18, 2011

Swimming in Beer

I love beer.  I’ve always loved beer.  I love free stuff.  I’ve always loved free stuff.  Finding a combination of beer and free is well just plain exciting.  When I looked up things to do in Tampa so we can have something to do before the Lady Gaga concert, I found the Yuengling Brewery tour.  It is a tour of the brewery plus two beers after the tour…ALL FREE!  Naturally, it was the first thing we did when we got to Tampa.  Inside the brewery the over powering smell of beer was heavenly.  It was very difficult to not jump in the brewing tanks and go for a swim.  If I had, I would have done it up right like Ester Williams and incorporated a synchronized swimming dance number while singing an appropriate beer song.  Clearly, I’d also be gulping beer with each perfectly timed leg lift.  I suspect if I had done that, they would have asked me to stay on board and swim daily for tour guests.  I’d learn to sew so I could make my own colorful aquatic costumes.  I’d be the number one beer tank synchronized swimmer in the world!   My picture would replace the eagle on the Yuengling bottles.  Generations would envy my abilities in the beer tank.  That’s what would have happened…if I had jumped in for a beer tank swim.

See I could have just jumped right in...

If you wanted to drink your way through one of these tanks you'd have to drink a six pack a day for 51 years.  I really need on of these for my backyard.

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