Thursday, July 28, 2011

Cowboys and Aliens

I should start off today’s blog with a disclaimer about yesterday’s blog.  Pickles Imes would not ever nor never use sausage in her Goat Cheese Pizza.  That was my modification.  My suggestion is to try the pizza both ways and then make another one and jazz it up with whatever you like as a pizza topping.  The dough comes in packs of three, making this suggestion easier. This concludes the disclaimer.  I had a leftover cold chicken enchilada and coffee for breakfast this morning.  It wasn’t too bad. I just figured this might be something you’d want to know. 

Lastly, I’m super excited about the movie Cowboys and Aliens.  I can’t wait to see it.  I’m a big Harrison Ford fan.  I used to pretend I was Han Solo when I was little (or last week).  I would swagger around, blast things with my plastic blaster and dish out perfectly-timed sarcastic remarks.  My dog Baron was just like Chewbacca, only he didn’t walk upright and he was a small dog.  I would also pretend to be Indiana Jones.  I cut a rope and would snap it around like a whip.  I broke a few things and my mom took my whip rope away.  Sometimes I would merge the characters and pretend to be Han Jones or Indiana Solo depending on the imaginary storyline I had created in my head.  I stole my dad’s fedora hat.  I wore it everywhere.  I also took a large box and “froze” myself in carbonite.  I was really good at imitating Han Solo’s frozen in carbonite face.  If I wasn’t just standing in a box, you might have believed I was truly frozen and headed to Jabba’s palace to be put on display.  I also have to admit, I have always loved the movie Regarding Henry.  It is amazing how getting shot in the head can make you way less of a douche bag.  That is just good acting.  At any rate, did I mention I was excited to see Cowboys and Aliens?

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