Monday, July 25, 2011

Walking the Dogs with Supertramp

It isn’t easy to walk four dogs.  It is especially difficult to walk four dogs that are crazy.  My smallest and bossiest dog, Celie, woke me up at 7:00am.  She does this by either barking in your face or scratching at your face and arm.  Sometimes, she does both.  She has a blood-curdling bark and can make it especially loud and high-pitched when it involves waking up her human.  Once she is up…everybody is up.  Once they are up and I am vertical, the dogs begin running in all different directions.  They are everywhere.  I then have to line them up (I say this loosely because it isn’t really a line at all).  The boys, Harpo and Cujo, must wear harnesses.  If they don’t, they pull you like a Siberian Husky race team.  They are always in a hurry to get where they are going…although they don’t really know where they are going, at all.  The girls patrol and guard the pack while we walk.  Any movement causes them to sound off.  It is completely embarrassing.  My neighbors know us.  My neighbors avoid us. 
I usually found my happy place on our walks by listening to music on my phone.  This morning Supertramp’s Goodbye Stranger came on the radio.  Is there anybody who does not sing the falsetto part of that song?  Is there anybody who truly knows how loudly they are singing when they have their music turned up and ear buds in your ears?  So, this morning my neighbors didn’t just get the crazy dog antics, they got me singing Supertramp…at 7:00am.  I’m thinking the chances are low of us getting some baked good around the holidays from the neighbors.

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