Sunday, July 3, 2011

Doing It at the Zoo

 This morning we are headed to the The Original Pancake House and then the Birmingham Zoo.  My hope is to get pictures of animals doing it.  I’m not sure why this is always my goal when I go to the zoo, but it is.  I think it goes back to an episode when I was 12 or 13.  My sister and I were at the Oklahoma City Zoo.  Two Galapagos Tortoises were going at it.  It was hysterical.  The female was just sitting there eating from a big plate of lettuce and fruit while they male was on top of her yelling and carrying on like men do.  Still funny today.  This is sort of a side story, but still on topic.  I got my first dog when I was six years old.  He was a Dachshund.  We named him Baron Von Maxwell…Baron for short.  I have lots of stories about him.  I’ll save those for later blog topics.  But I do have one story that is relevant to this entry.  Baron was a humper.  He’d hump everything.  I asked my mom one day what he was doing and she answered, “He is hula dancing, like those girls in Hawaii.  Seemed like a reasonable answer to me at the time.  I made him a grass skirt out of construction paper so he could “hula dance” in style. 

We just got back from the zoo.  As expected, I got some pictures of animals doing it.  Here you go. 
Tortoises doing it.

Male kangaroos wanting to do friend, Colt, called them Gayngaroos.

Monkey doing it with himself.

Monarch butterflies doing it.

Lemur sitting funny...not doing it.

Meerkat also sitting funny...not doing it.

Gorilla picking his nose.  Pretty sure he is thinking about doing it.

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