Saturday, July 23, 2011

My Lists

This morning when I got up at 8, I made a list of the things I wanted to get done today.  I was feeling ambitious.  Here is that list:
1.      Go to grocery store
2.      Clean bathrooms
3.      Clean kitchen
4.      Dust
5.      Do floors
6.      Windex all windexable surfaces
7.      give the dogs baths
8.      start laundry
9.      mow the backyard
10.  write blog
It is now nearly 1 and I’ve amended my list.  Here is that new list:
1.       grocery store – DONE!
2.      Clean one sink and then walk away leaving sponge in sink
3.      Turn complete circle in kitchen, grab a beer from fridge and walk out
4.      lie on couch and blow in the general direction of the coffee table to remove dust
5.      sit on couch, stare at floors, drink beer
6.      lie on bed and think about who came up with the name Windex
7.      from sitting position, spray Bath and Body Works Moonlight Path fragrance mist on dogs as they walk by
8.      stub toe on laundry basket, curse
9.      look out window to backyard, think about heat, open another beer
10.  just put today’s lists up on blog

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