Monday, July 18, 2011

Still Waiting on a Congratulations on Your 16-Year-Anniversary Card from Marcus Bachmann

I’ve been with my partner for 16 years today.  Our relationship is real, legitimate and as binding as any relationship.  We don’t need a state-issued certificate that proves we are a couple.  However, the choice to have it would be nice.  That would be one other significant choice in our lives.  The first was our choice to live our lives openly and out of the closet; the next would be our choice to be married, when that option becomes legal in our state…and it will, some day.  There was no choice about being who we are…we just were. 
Which makes people, like the Bachmann’s, all the more irritating to me.  If your chance at the presidency increases because you have a husband who runs a clinic that claims to “cure” gay people…than the more I think things change the more they actually stay the same.  Mr. Bachmann needs to spend some time addressing the reasons why he struggles with such high levels of homophobia and stop calling us barbarians.  If you really want to do something valuable with your clinic, teach tolerance and acceptance.  I’d imagine that would be a significantly more Christian way to spend your time.


  1. This is a tad late but congrats to you and your partner. Hell, a lot of straight couples never make it that long.