Saturday, May 5, 2012

Bird Attacks and Hippie Juice Cocktails

Our dog Cujo is the pee-ing-est dog ever.  I’ve never seen anything like it.  He can drink water and two minutes later he has to pee.  He is almost like a strainer.  Anyway, Tiffany took him out the other day and noticed he has apparently pissed off some birds.  They are building a nest and expecting eggs and they are ready to jack up anyone or anything that gets near “their” tree.  Cujo lumbered past the tree the other morning on his usual pee routine.  This set off some screaming followed by a series of aerial dive-bombs at Cujo’s head and ass.  I kept trying to catch it on video with no luck.  The birds seemed to be camera shy.  Tiffany finally caught them in the act.  This has been cracking us up for days.  I hope you’ll think it is just as funny as we do.

We’ve got the kiddie pool inflated and filled with water.  Summer is upon us…this means pool time and cocktails.  This will be our drink of the summer (or at least one of our drinks).

Hippie Juice

Glacier Freeze Gatorade (the next day your electrolytes will thank you)
Country Time Pink Lemonade Mix
Fresh Strawberries
Smirnoff Watermelon Vodka
Triple Sec
Malibu Coconut Rum
Empty 59 ounce Simply Brand Juice Container

Wash out your empty Simply Brand Juice container.  Use a funnel to pour 4 scoops of pink lemonade mix into the container.  Next, measure 1 cup of the vodka, 1/3 cup triple sec and 1/3 cup coconut rum and 1 cup of the Gatorade and use funnel to add to container.  Using cold water, fill the rest of the container up to the base of the neck.  Rinse 4 strawberries and cut across top to remove the stem and cut into four even pieces.  Drop the strawberries in the mixture and add water to the top, cap and shake gently to mix.  Refrigerate and when ready enjoy your hippie juice.  Peace!

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