Saturday, May 12, 2012


I don’t find myself thinking about getting laid off much anymore, but from time to time I still do.  I spent the afternoon making two poster board collages for my after school kids.  As I looked through the pictures from our school year together, I found myself thinking that I would have never met these kids if I hadn’t been laid off from my “real” job.  I thought what a shame that would have been for these kids to not have entered my life.  Of course, we’ve had our good times and bad times, but I’m completely certain I wouldn’t have traded my time with them.  They made me happy and I hope that I’ve had an impact on their lives, too.  Unless you’ve experienced the joy of teaching a group of children, watching their expressions when they see an experiment for the first time, knowing you’ve helped them to understand their world just a little better or receiving their hugs when they see you,  it is hard to define how that enriches your life.  I may not be making the same money I was making as a full time vice president, but it is hard for me to not say that I’m not happier and feeling richer in the space I’m in right now.  

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