Thursday, May 24, 2012

No Smoking and Lipton Honey and Tea Lady Antebellum Commercials

Am I the only one who is really sick of the latest series of no smoking commercials?  I stopped smoking 15 years ago, but those damn commercials make me want to smoke a pack-a-day just to kill the pain.  The message is certainly compelling, but must we air the commercials on every channel 50 times a day?  I’ll admit initially it was fun to imitate the ads, but even the joy has gone out of that.  That is when you know you’ve hit rock bottom.

Another commercial that really chaps my ass is the Lipton Honey and Tea ad featuring Lady Antebellum.  I mean really…REALLY?  It is just all-around stupid, but I think what really bothers me is not when Hillary Scott throws down packets of the tea to random people having a picnic or even the impromptu concert on the top of a table…no, what really bothers me is that you hear drums, yet there is nobody playing the drums.  WTF, LIPTON?! DO YOU THINK WE ARE STUPID? The entire commercial might have been believable if a drummer had actually set up their drum set in the hot sun prior to the free picnic table performance.  Jeez. The only thing this commercial makes me want to do is add vodka to the Lipton Honey and Tea packets and drink myself into a rabid stupor.  The only way this ad could be less stupid is if Terrie from the No Smoking commercial climbed up on the table and sang with Lady Antebellum.

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