Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Dog Toy Insanity

This is what happens when we get four free frisbees at a dog parade.

I’m putting “true” history Tuesday on pause today to talk about my dog Celie.  Celie is totally bossy especially when it comes to dog toys.  I’ve never seen anything like it…and I’ve seen a lot of crazy dog behavior.  When we get toys for the dogs we always try to be thoughtful and fair.  Each of the four dogs gets a hand-picked toy based on their personality.  We are sometimes in the dog toy aisle for a ridiculously long time picking out just the right toy.  Once we get home, there is a great deal of fanfare as we distribute the toys.  Each dog runs to their “dog toy chewing” spot.  Celie’s spot is in the middle of the couch.  She will vigorously “kill” her toy for a good 15 or so minutes.  Then she will start shaking and barking and announcing to the entire house that this is her toy.  She then leaves the area and systematically steals all the toys and hordes them on the couch.  Next, she starts a frantic guarding and playing routine that is nothing short of flying over the cuckoo’s nest.  We finally have to take all the toys away.  We’ve both nearly lost fingers and once part of an arm trying to take the toys away from her.  Then the toys have to be hidden on top of the fridge.  If we don’t put them on the fridge and she see’s them, she will run circles, bark, growl and attempt to guard the entire circumference of the area where the toys are stored.  In addition to this craziness, she can catch any toys thrown from any distance and any height (watch video below).  She is whacko-doodle.

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