Thursday, August 30, 2012

Traveling with my Parents

I’m not sure if everyone’s mother gets tipsy at their granddaughter’s wedding rehearsal dinner…but I know mine does!  In fact, she and I had the entire patio dining crowd at the restaurant across from our hotel cheering.  She started a conga line and I jumped in with her.  Clearly our line wasn’t all that long with just the two of us, but we did what we could to entertain the crowd.

On our way to the wedding, we stopped for lunch at a diner in Perry, Oklahoma.  It was in experience which involved all of us eating too much, my parents saying, “country cooking” far too many times and my mom informing the restaurant that the white gravy was going to give her explosive diarrhea.  My partner, Tiffany, just watches all this sort of crazy stuff go down...which, I think, is a sure sign that you found a keeper.  This is her posing with my parents outside the diner (please note my dad’s perfectly coordinated outfit with knee high socks pulled all the way up with dress shoes).


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