Thursday, August 2, 2012

Enough with the Chick-Fil-a Business!!

Don't you hate it when that happens...

Today we are headed back home!  I have no doubt our dogs will go ape-shit crazy when they see us.  We always have to drop our luggage and wrestle on the bed with them.  I missed those fools.

It was hard not to be completely agog yesterday by the stupidity of this whole chick-fil-a thing.  Isn’t it just like America to have opposing groups polarized around a fast-food restaurant?  This has to be an indicator of some sort of decline in civilization.  At any rate, kudos to free speech, we are privileged it is our right.  But I, too, will exercise my right to oppose that speech when someone says I have a deprived mind and I’m inviting God’s judgment on our Nation or when you financially support groups who say I need to be exported and compare me to a pedophile.  I’m used to hate.  I’ve seen it all my life, but I’m not inclined to sit at the back of the bus and just take it.  So...that being said, let’s just move on from this.  Yesterday seemed like a desperate attempt to prove something and I’m thinking that means we are actually a bit closer to equality than we were yesterday.  Folks seem scared.  I gotta think today, after all that chicken; they are also sluggish and tired.  Let’s use our strength today to turn the other cheek and prove our case of tolerance by taking the high road.  One more thing though before the high road…

Now on to something really important!  READ THIS NOW!  Look at these adorable fools.  I love them so much.  This is the message I think I’ll put my energy toward focusing on…love thy neighbor!

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