Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Olympic Martini and The Outlaw Josey Wales

I apologize for being a bit spotty on my blog these last two weeks.  I'm on vacation and decided to give myself I bit of a break.  I'll be back with guns a blazing next week.  In fact, I'll watch High Plains Drifter and The Outlaw Josey Wales just to really get in the spirit of having my guns actually a blazing.  When I was a kid, I watched The Outlaw Josey Wales over and over again.  In fact, I perfected the tobacco spitting thing Clint Eastwood did  in that movie.  I would suck on chocolate and then spit it at homemade targets.  My mom caught me and I got in trouble.  She told me, "ladies don't spit chocolate at trees."  That pretty much ended my spitting...at least, spitting where I might get caught again.  I became a really good secret spitter.  Speaking of spitting,  did you know that the Texas Horned Lizard confuses and scares predators by surprise squirting a gross tasting blood excretion from the sinuses behind its eyes.  Doing this takes up like a quarter of the lizard's blood.  The lizard also eats over 200 ants per day.  I find useless knowledge to be quite useful when randomly dropped in everyday conversation.  I feel like it impresses and scares people.

Not to long ago, I posted a recipe for a Lemon Drop Martini (click here for recipe).  Since the Summer Oympics are in full-force, I think you should make that martini or your favorite martini or even champagne (said like Christopher Walken on SNL) and add some life-savers.  Any good homo knows that major events are just good excuses to be extra festive, totally themed and a way to throw out an above average amount of jazz hand gestures.  Enjoy.


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