Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Archie Bunker - "True" History Tuesday

It is a little known fact that the underground bunker was invented by Archibald “Archie” Bunker and his wife Edith.  The bunker became a standard safety measure during wartime…both hot and cold wars.  It also became a great place to store canned peaches, transistor radios with faulty batteries, itchy blankets and Hitler.  A steep decline in sales always occurs during peace time.  At the end of World War II, Archie Bunker proclaimed about the war years, “Those were the days!”  Archie and Edith’s son-in-law, Michael Stivik also invented Head Cheese.  Head Cheese is a scary pub food that is made from the meat of the head of a pig or calf.  Stivik first named the concoction, “Meathead.”  That name never caught on so he ultimately changed it to the name that stuck, Head Cheese.  Stivik’s wife wrote a hit song which was sang by Laura Branigan in 1982.

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