Thursday, September 1, 2011

Air Dancers are Creepy as Shit

I shudder each and every time I see one of those giant air dancers.  They are just gross; popping, locking, sliding and gliding all over the place.  Yuck. BTW, I’m also disturbed by giant inflatables.  The air dancer trend seems to be big in the south while the inflatable craze seems to grow (har har) in popularity as you head west and north.  Eventually the air dancers will meet up with the giant inflatables and then, we are really screwed.  Nobody has planned for an air/inflatable apocalypse.  I suppose the easy solution to this kind of uprising (hardy har har) would be to arm ourselves with rapid fire dart guns or perhaps wear a full body pin suit.  Even with the ease of weaponry, it is a scary thing to imagine. Here are a few pictures of these bastards.  The first two are way too close to my house for comfort and the last one was a terrifying imagine from our drive back from Branson.

Can you imagine being the poor bastard sitting in the truck when that air dancer "head" pops up in front of your window?

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