Thursday, September 22, 2011

Wine and Painting

Last night I went to dinner and then Sips and Strokes with a friend.    I realize that sounds dirty, but it is just drinking and painting a picture.  We had a great time.  The really good thing about it was we did it for cheap by buying a Groupon.  We sipped and stroked on the cheap.  I realize that sounds even dirtier, but that was totally on purpose.  I do have some artistic ability, not very much, but enough that I can stay in the lines when I color.  Does anyone else still like to color in coloring books?  I find it really relaxing, but only if there are absolutely no children around when you color.  You really don’t need any artistic ability for Sips and Strokes, because it is sort of like paint by number…only with no numbers.  You are guided through the process and I found, at times, I could continue drinking my wine while I painted.  This was of some importance to me.

I think my painting came out pretty good.  I completely messed it up though when penmanship was required.  I truly have the worst handwriting.  I get the comment a lot about how I should have been a doctor.  I suppose if messy handwriting were the only requirement, I might have been a doctor.  I look pretty good in white coats.  This is the part of the class where my friend, Miranda, and I went rogue.  We both did not write the suggested script on our paintings.  We were like Ponyboy and Sodapop.  We were outsiders.  We were rebels.  I look good in black leather while cheaply sipping and stroking.  I realize that sounded dirty.  I have absolutely no idea where I will hang this painting, but I do know where I will store the memory - under good times.  

Why am I holding my painting like a shield?


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  2. please note that the spam above did not come from me.

  3. Haha! I knew that wasn't you Sherry!