Thursday, September 29, 2011

Weird Kids, Slippers and a Nap

Kids are weirdos.  I’ve come to this conclusion based upon years and years of teaching them.  If you want a case study of their weirdness, give one of them a band-aid.  I guarantee you others will come up to you asking for a band-aid, as well.  They will show you their “damaged” finger with no visible injuries to speak of and try to convince you that they must cover the “wound” with a band-aid before death overtakes them.  There will be drama.  There will be a line of them near the band-aid box.  This same outcome will happen if one of them needs an ice-pack.  Injuries are real popular with little kids.  I had one ask me for an ice-pack yesterday because, “You know the cheek on your butt?  I might have hurt mine on the slide.”  I’ve also noticed if one child takes their shoes off, they all must remove their shoes.  There is no rhyme or reason to it.  Shoes never came off in the seventies.  Why must they take their shoes off now?!  Speaking of shoes...look at these slippers.

I found these slippers on Zappos.  I like them, but they are $70.  I’d rather buy $70 worth of beer and pretzels than have beer and pretzels on my slippers.  I just saved lots of money and took the slippers I already have and made some adjustments.

I am also going to include this next picture to show that I did, in fact, purchase my first pumpkin of the season.  It also highlights how much my dog Celie likes her comfort and makes me think I should take a nap.

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