Saturday, September 10, 2011

Vintage Adult Book Covers = Funny as Shit

I spent the morning browsing tumblr.  If you’ve done this, you know you can completely lose time.  Instead of cleaning and making an appetizer for today’s football game, I was cackling and clicking on photos of vintage adult books.  The thing that is so completely hysterical about these book covers is that they were supposed to be serious and erotic.  I’m guessing you’ll find them as funny as I did. 

That ho is NOT a virgin.

The third sex?

"the nameless horror that stalks the shadows"  apparently the nameless horror has a name and that name is VAGINA!


Now that's really gay.

#1 reason I don't have a cat and is that dyke wearing Han Solo's pants?

"a wild baseball"

"Hey Marge!  How was naked zumba?"

All photos from Vintage Lesbian

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