Monday, October 10, 2011

Creepy Prius Commercial and At Home Science

Am I the only person who is seriously creeped out by that new Prius commercial?  I mean…what the hell?!  It is a giant person made out of tiny people.  It brought back all my childhood fears of what might happen if the Jolly Green Giant got pissed.  Not that the giant person in the Prius commercial is angry…not yet anyway.  The difference with this jerk versus the Jolly Green Giant is the Prius guy pretty much has tiny people tentacles he can send out to wreak environmentally conscience havoc on all our asses.   I think, based on that fact, if the Jolly Green Giant and the Creepy Prius Giant (CPG) wrestled, CPG would win.  However, I do believe Godzilla would have an advantage over the CPG because he can spit radioactivity.   But if you think about it, Prius is a Toyota from Japan and Godzilla is from Japan, so they would team up to kill the Jolly Green Giant.  We are screwed.  Thanks Prius for giving me something else to worry about…nice.

Doesn’t everyone just love the soothing sounds of a clucking chicken?  Doesn’t everyone love it more when children can make that sound continuously?  Of course!

This Monday’s At Home Science is called:

Chicken Sounds from a Cup (


What To Do:
Cut a piece of yarn about 20 inches long.  Use the nail to carefully punch a hole in the center of the bottom of the cup.  Tie one end of the yarn to the middle of the paper clip.  Push the other end of the yarn through the hole in the cup and pull it through.  Get a piece of paper towel about the size of a dollar bill, then fold it once and get it damp in the water.  Now you can make some chicken noises!  Hold the cup firmly in one hand, and wrap the damp paper towel around the string near the cup.  While you squeeze the string, pull down in short jerks so that the paper towel tightly slides along the string.  If all goes well, you hear a chicken.

How Does It Work:
This is an example of how a sounding board works.  The vibrations from the string would be almost silent without the cup, but when you add the cup, it spreads the vibrations and amplifies them.  Pianos and music boxes use wood to act as a sounding board to make the instrument louder.

It is okay to laugh...we all have a dirty mind.

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