Sunday, October 23, 2011

Oklahoma Sooners and It Is Not All About Me

I’m really not the type of person who thinks everything is about them.  Although I do think I’m personally responsible for some weather patterns, making street lights change, Evel Knievel’s failed jump over Snake River Canyon and the creation of really good movies and television shows...other than that though, totally not about me.  So it is weird how much I think I’m personally responsible for Oklahoma’s heartbreaking loss to Texas Tech last night.  As we’ve mentioned before, I’m responsible for some weather patterns.  Yesterday afternoon I wore an Oklahoma pullover coat.  It wasn’t coat weather.  I needed short sleeves.  I was really hot.  Once we got to Memorial Stadium to see the game, I was roasting and getting annoyed.  Something needed to give.  I got a little overzealous in my attempt to cool down the temperatures and an enormous rainstorm hit the area.  There was lightning and hail, but it did get cooler…until we all had to get out of the rain and go inside the stadium.  This was not pleasant.  I don’t really like people that much and I really don’t like being that close to that many people.  Some of them were stinky and many looked funny.  My OCD was hitting explosive levels.  I wanted a fire hose so bad.  I felt like if I had one I could turn it on, spin around quickly in a circle and clear myself an appropriate personal space zone.  The real injustice was there was also no alcoholic beverages for sale.  I can’t properly deal with an apocalyptic-like setting with no booze.  One high point was this lady who walked by with a plastic bag on her head.

I was at my breaking point and really wanting to clean something feverishly to deal with the pressure.  When I saw medics go by with a stretcher and come back with a guy who had passed out, I knew it might be time to sacrifice myself.  Death by corndogs and funnel cake.  I had it all planned out.  When suddenly at that moment the skies cleared and we were able to go back to our seats.  I felt better about making that storm go away since I had caused it in the first place.  It isn’t always the mistake, but how you deal with the mistake that matters.  Once we got to our seats it was really quite pleasant…except Texas Tech scored on their first possession, but then OU answered with a touchdown.  Then is started to get colder and colder and colder and Texas Tech kept scoring.  I began to feel really bad.  If I had dressed appropriately I wouldn’t have caused the rain and it seemed the rain had really thrown off my Sooner’s game.  They seemed asleep.  They did rally in the second half, but two missed field goals plus all that scoring that Texas Tech kept doing totally screwed us.  The outcome totally sucked, but it is just a game and what we should really focus on is me.  How will I overcome the weather I caused?  

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